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Cultural concept


Company Culture


Company Mission: to create value for customer, to create opportunities for staff, to create benefits for company and to create vealth for society.

Company vision: Become the brand enterprise in China and build to last.

Core Value: Running business as completing social work, and create a healthy and rich life.

Company Spirit: Constantly striving for improvement and struggling for success.

Company Motto: Create opportunities, seize opportunities, behave faithfully, work attentively.

Company Slogan: Happy work, happy life.



Management Concept



Business Concept: Integrity service, harmony and mutual win.

Management Concept: Standardization, formatting, process, refinement and rationalization in work.

Talent Concept: Promote virtuous and staff, employ virtuous staff without talent reasonably, employ talented staff without virtue cautiously, dismiss staff without virtue and talent.

Team Concept: Share work, achievement, resource and responsibility, and make small selves sacrificed for larger selves.

Work Style: Make plans, communicate efficiently, position accurately and execute quickly.

Company Incentive: Mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.




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