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Wuhan Yangluo Port Services Co.,Ltd, founded in Xinzhou District of Wuhan in March, 2009, is an integrated service-oriented enterprise in Yangluo core port area of Wuhan new port. The main business activities of the company include cargo handling, loading and unloading service, storage service, transportation information service, general cargo transport, investment in transport infrastructure projects, property services, real estate development, etc.


Wuhan Yangluo Port Services Co.,Ltd is invested and held by Wuhan Financial Holdings (Group) Co.,Ltd (formerly known as Wuhan Economy Development Investment Group Co., Ltd.) and is primarily responsible for construction and operation of Wuhan Newport Central China Trade Service Area.

Wuhan Financial Holdings (Group) Co.,Ltd, incorporated in August 8, 2005 with registered capital of 4 billion yuan, has 42 wholly-owned and holding companies, is one of the four state-owned investment companies directly under Wuhan municipal government and the only industry-based financial platform of Wuhan municipal government. According to company strategy, Wuhan Financial Holdings (Group) will take three segments of industrial investment, financial holding and asset management as the main business of the company and endeavour through 3-5 years to become the first-class investment group in China in several ways such as stock acquisition, introduction of strategic partners.


Wuhan Yangluo Port Services Co.,Ltd will uphold the business philosophy of “deeper integration into urban development” and define the business objectives of “serve the port, serve the port area integration and serve the real economy ”. We sincerely seek further cooperation with enterprises of port logistics, trade finance, Cross-border E-commerce and so on. We also welcom more enterprises setteled in Wuhan Newport Central China Trade Service Area.

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  • Telephone: 027-63370790